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 American Craft Council Member Insurance Program 

American Craft Council members have unique insurance needs.  The ACC Insurance Program understands these needs and can provide members with access to innovative, industry specific insurance products and coverage at an affordable cost.

We can assist by creating a comprehensive insurance program that will protect your business and your employees while providing the BEST COVERAGE available to those in the creative arts.   The ACC Insurance Program has created a "one stop shop" for you so that you can easily access all of your association member insurance solutions.

Specific & unique coverages available to AMERICAN CRAFT COUNCIL MEMBERS include:

  • Business Contents Coverage: Your art at your studio or at a show.  Loss of property like tools, supplies, and artwork from risks like fire, natural disasters, lightning strikes or theft (business personal property) Art on Consignment
  • Coverage for Tools, Equipment, Product Inventory & Supplies:  Loss of tools, display equipment, or artwork away from your studio, such as at an art show, doing an installation, or in transit(commuting to a show) 
  • General Liability: 1 million with a 2 million aggregate  limit also including coverage for an umbrella up to 5 Million at your studio Premises & Products Liability

Types of Business Liability Insurance Coverage

  • General Liability: Liability insurance protects you if someone is injured while on your property or if your property causes damage to others. Liability insurance stays with you when you are at a location other than your studio. ( someone slips and falls in your booth at a show or in your studio)
  • Product and Operations Liability: Covers you in the event someone is injured by a product or while you are performing your work somewhere
  • Coverage If You Teach Classes:  If one of your students is injured at class.

ACC Disclaimer of Endorsement

From time-to-time, companies approach your association with proposals to offer purchase programs for products or services that may be beneficial to members. These companies are not affiliated with the association, but are independent providers of products and services. While the association has attempted to verify the fundamental claims of the providers, the association has not independently investigated the providers of their products and services, and does not endorse or administer any product of service offered by any such provider. Your decision whether or not to purchase such products or services should be based on your own determination of the value of the products of services.