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 Professional Liability Insurance for AASP Member CMPCs 

The Association for Applied Sport Psychology recognizes that our members who are CMPCs® have unique insurance needs.  Professional, general, and cyber liability insurance are the best way for a CMPC® to protect their career and personal assets.  AASP's Insurance Program is set up to address these needs and provides CMPCs  with access to innovative, industry specific insurance products and coverage at an affordable cost.  If you are currently certified but not an AASP member, please visit to join before starting any of the applications here.

Coverage Limits:  $1,000,000 / $6,000,000

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Important:  When selecting a profession at the start of this online form, CMPCs should select the "Qualified Mental Health Professional" category, as this is the classification that the insurance company is using for our professionals.

FAQ link that helps with understanding the coverage: CLICK HERE 

 General Liability and Cyber Insurance for AASP Member CMPCs 

AASP Disclaimer of Endorsement

From time-to-time, companies approach your association with proposals to offer purchase programs for products or services that may be beneficial to members. These companies are not affiliated with the association, but are independent providers of products and services. While the association has attempted to verify the fundamental claims of the providers, the association has not independently investigated the providers of their products and services, and does not endorse or administer any product of service offered by any such provider. Your decision whether or not to purchase such products or services should be based on your own determination of the value of the products of services.